Noodle Kugel

This is the traditional accompaniment to the Sabbath stew, cooked overnight in a very slow oven and served at lunch on Saturday.

Pharaoh’s Wheel Noodles

This Italian dish symbolizes the passage of the Jews across the Red Sea. The name recalls how the Pharaoh was crushed beneath his chariot wheel. There are several versions of…

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Pasta and Ham Supper

Parma ham, delicious raw cured ham from Italy, tends to be rather expensive, so you could use thinly sliced cooked ham instead for a more economical dish. If you have…

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Creamy Rigatoni

When heating the cream mixture, watch it very carefully so that the eggs do not begin to scramble. Rigatoni, a pasta that looks like large, ribbed macaroni, is available from…

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Spaghetti with Olives

There are many different varieties of olive, some very large, some very small. They are available pickled in brine in jars, or loose from delicatessens. Choose medium-sized olives for this…

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Noodles Chinese-Style

This Chinese-style dish is particularly good served as a vegetable accompaniment to grilled or fried fish, chops or chicken.

Pasta Vongole

Fresh clams are available from most good fishmongers. If you prefer, used canned clams, which are less messy to eat but not as attractive.