• Walnut
    A popular nut with a distinctive brain shape.
  • Water chestnuts:
    These are white bulbs about the same size as large chestnuts.
  • Welsh rarebit
    A British speciality consisting of a slice of toasted bread covered with a mixture of cheshire or cheddar cheese melted in pale ale with English mustard, pepper and sometimes a dash of Worcestershire sauce. This is then grilled and served very hot.
  • Whelk
    A marine snail often eaten direct from the shell. Cooked for 10 minutes in salted water, whelks are eaten with bread and butter.
  • Whipping cream
    Cream with a fat content over 35 per cent, the minimum amount necessary to allow it to stay firm once beaten.
  • Whisk
    To beat ingredients (such as heavy or whipping cream, eggs, salad dressings, or sauces) with a fork or whisk to mix, blend, or incorporate air.
  • White sauce
    The basis of many other sauces, made from flour, butter and milk. Smooth, slightly thick consistency, which is basically tasteless.
  • Whiting
    White sea fish, a member of the cod family, best bought fresh. Good for fish cakes and mousse.
  • Worcestershire sauce
    A thin, spicy dark brown sauce originally from an Indian recipe. Used to flavour stews and casseroles, as a condiment and in drinks.