• Offal
    The internal organs and innards of an animal or fish, including brain, tongue, liver, kidney, tripe, and heart.
  • Okra
    A vegetable that is widely used in Indian, Caribbean and southern US cookery where it is an essential ingredient of gumbo; also called ‘ladies’ fingers’ because of its appearance. A long green pod, full of seeds, the okra exudes a sticky juice in co
  • Olive
    Small oval fruit of the olive tree, widely cultivated in Mediterranean regions. Olives are harvested and preserved in oil or brine at various stages of development. The early olives are green, while the later, more mature olives are black. They taste very
  • Olive oil
    Pressed from olives, a rich fruity oil used for frying (but not deep-frying), marinades, dressings and baking. The oil from the first pressing is pure, pale greenish-yellow in colour and is much prized. The pulp is then pressed again to yield more, darker
  • Omasum
    The third compartment of the stomach of a ruminant animal.
  • Osso buco
    Dish of braised marrow bones prepared with tomato and wine.
  • Ouzo
    Greek spirit flavoured with aniseed. Like French pastis, it turns cloudy when water is added and should be served with iced water.
  • Oyster
    A saltwater shellfish, invariably sold fresh. Can be steamed, grilled, poached or eaten raw.
  • Oyster mushrooms
    An ear-like grey or greyish-brown bracket fungus that grows in clumps or clusters. Oyster mushrooms have a subtle flavour and are often used in Oriental cookery.
  • Oyster sauce:
    A brown, delicate sauce made from oysters and soy sauce.