• Nachi or Asian pear
    An exotic fruit that has the texture of a pear but the flavour of an apple, and is excellent in fruit salads.
  • Nam pla
    This fish sauce is fundamental to Thai food. It is made with the liquid that comes from fermented anchovies and is very pungent.
  • Nasturtium
    An annual flowering plant whose leaves and yellow/orange flowers are sometimes used as an ingredient or garnish in salads. The leaves have a good peppery bite. The flower buds and seeds, picked when soft and pickled in vinegar, can be used as a substitute
  • Navarin
    French stew of lamb or mutton with potatoes and/or other vegetables, especially young spring lamb and new vegetables.
  • Neapolitan
    Ice creams and sweet cakes in layers of different colours and flavours.
  • Nibbed almonds
    Skinned almonds cut into pieces about 2mm square and the length of the nut, shaped like nibs.
  • Nicoise
    In the Nice style, e.g. cooked with tomatoes, onion, garlic and black olives.
  • Noisette
    Has three meanings
  • Noodles
    A type of pasta made with flour and water and sometimes egg, cut into thin flat strips. Italian noodles are tagliatelle and fettucine. Noodles are used extensively in Oriental cuisine to accompany soups, sauces and stir-fried dishes.
  • Nori
    Nori is an edible seaweed, dark green in colour and used in Japanese cooking for, among other things, wrapping sushi.
  • Normande (‘la)
    Used to describe various dishes based on the cooking of Normandy or made using typical products from that region of France: butter, cream, seafood, apples, cider and Calvados.
  • Nougat
    A sweet substance made from sugar, almonds or other nuts and honey. Can be chewy or britlle
  • Nouilles
  • Nutmeg
    Whole nutmegs are the hard aromatic seeds of an evergreen tree.