• Quenelle
    A round or oval dumpling of pounded, seasoned meat or fish usually poached in stock, eg chicken, salmon or pike quenelles.
  • Quenelles
    Light savoury dumplings made of meat or fish and used as a garnish or in a delicate sauce quiche (F) Open-faced pastry case filled with a savoury mixture.
  • Quiche
    An open flan or tart with a savoury filling usually of egg and milk with other ingredients added to taste. Originally from Lorraine, the quiche has become a classic of French cuisine.
  • Quince
    When fully ripe, the quince has a wonderful perfume. It belongs to the apple family with much the same shape as an apple but a furry skin. Quince should not be eaten raw because it is very hard and bitter but it makes excellent preserves, especially marma
  • Quinoa
    Dating back to the Incas, this grain is still grown in Bolivia and Peru. It is regarded as a ‘superfood’ as it is extremely rich in complete protein, so is excellent for vegetarians. The small round grains look similar to millet but are pale brown in colo