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Bramble and Apple Jam

Wild blackberries, or brambles, have always been in plentiful supply in British hedgerows, and have been gathered and used in many different ways for centuries. Blackberries are also being more…

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Gooseberry Jam

Late June is the time to look for the hard, green, early gooseberries this recipe calls for. The jam can also be made later in the season, with riper, sweeter…

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Rhubarb and Ginger Jam

Forced, early rhubarb makes its appearance at the beginning of the year and by the late spring it is sprouting in gardens and the main crop is coming into the…

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Rose Petal Jam

An unusual jam, with a strong, distinctive flavor. Deep-red heavily scented roses are the best to use.

Strawberry Conserve

ConServes are made from whole fruits, suspended in a thick, sweet syrup, and they do not set firmly. Use them as fillings for summer tarts, spread them on scones with…

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Apple and Mandarin Jam

This apple and mandarin jam recipe is a great way to use up some of that extra fruit you might have on hand!

Apricot and Date Jam

Apricot and Date Jam is a delicious spread that is perfect for toast, with ice cream, or as a dessert topping.

Cherry and Apple Jam

It's easy to make your own homemade jam with this recipe. You just need apples, cherries, sugar and lemon juice to create a tasty spread that can be enjoyed for…

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