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Three Cheese Pâté

This pâté is made with three different cheeses, which gives it a rich, creamy flavor. It's also an easy recipe to make!

Farmhouse Pate

This is a coarse-textured, moist pate, which makes a substantial first course when served with toast. It is equally good for lunch or supper if served with French bread and…

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Kipper Pate

Serve this creamy pate with Melba toast or brown bread and butter as a starter or as part of a salad lunch.

Pate En Croute

Pate encased in a puff pastry case makes a spectacular start to any meal. The pastry trimmings can be used to make an attractive decoration on the top and sides…

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Quick Chicken Liver Pate

This pate can be made very quickly as it is not baked. It makes an ideal starter for a dinner party at short notice.