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Rabbit Casserole with Dumplings

Country families were always glad to get their hands on a fresh rabbit to help stretch the week’s food. and rabbit still makes a cheap meal, served in a well-flavoured…

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Poacher’s Pie

Rabbit recipes feature widely in the traditional cooking of the Eastern Counties because there used to be a big surplus of wild rabbits and hares, which were partially controlled by…

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Rabbit Cider Hot Pot

One medium-sized rabbit, jointed, should weigh about 2 1/2 lb. If you are using smaller joints to make up this total weight, cut down the cooking time accordingly.

Jugged Hare

This is a simple, country version of the classic jugged hare. If the hare is hung and drawn at home, the blood may be collected and used in the gravy…

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Gamekeeper’s Casserole

Any kind of game can be used for this casserole, though rabbit is probably the most economical, and foreign imported rabbit is available all year round. Serve with creamed or…

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Rabbit with Thyme

The Rabbit with Thyme recipe is one of the best recipes you will find. These are the perfect ingredients for an amazing dish.