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Melon Mousse

Be sure to use a nylon sieve; metal may taint or discolour the melon flesh. The mixture itself needs to be quite strongly coloured, as the cream and egg whites…

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Banana and Vanilla Mousse Cups

This dessert recipe is perfect for when you want a light treat. The mousse cups are made from bananas and vanilla, with a chocolate topping.

Chocolate mousse #5

A very popular dessert, Chocolate mousse is rich and creamy, with just a hint of rum. It can be served in a large bowl with cream piped around the edge.

Chocolate Mousse #6

This chocolate mousse recipe is so easy to make, it's nearly impossible to mess up. It's light, fluffy, rich, and perfect for any occasion.

Quick Lemon Mousse

This quick lemon mousse recipe is a deliciously light and fluffy dessert that you can make in minutes. It's a great choice for a last-minute dinner party dessert.

Hot Blue Cheese and Celery Mousse

This recipe for Hot Blue Cheese and Celery Mousse is a spicy and satisfying appetizer that will be perfect to serve at your next holiday party!