Benefits of Induction Cooking That You Should Know

If you have been using traditional cooking methods and you are considering shifting to more efficient cookers, induction cooktops are the best options. Unlike gas cooktops, induction cookers directly emit energy into the cooking equipment through its magnetic field. 

While only forty percent of energy is utilized in gas cooking, eighty-five to ninety percent of energy is utilized for induction cooking to ensure faster cooking. Although gas cooking is a basic pre-requisite for any household, restaurants these days resort to induction cooking because it is a lot more energy-efficient compared to gas stoves.

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of induction.

What are the Benefits of Induction Cooking?

The benefits of induction cooking outweigh those of traditional cooking methods. The cons it entails still don’t make induction cooking less efficient and sustainable than any other cooking equipment. Here are benefits of induction cooktop and why you should consider shifting from traditional cooking methods to commercial induction cooking.

1. Safety

Safety is actually one of the most evident benefits of induction ranges. Induction cooktop directly heats the cookware and cools down quicker than electric cooktops or traditional gas cooktops.

The Pan Detection Integrated system means that the cooking hob will recognize the presence of an induction pan; thus, there is no risk when you just leave it on in the meantime. There’s also no need for much extraction.

2. No Ignition is Involved

There is no ignition involved when it comes to induction cooking. There are also no elements involved that can cause flames and burns. Moreover, it also has an automatic feature that senses whether the pan is still on top or removed. Thus, every time the induction pans are lifted or taken away, the surface automatically stops heating.


3. Energy Efficient

Impressively, induction can save up to seventy percent energy consumption. This makes it a lot more efficient than traditional cooking equipment since it results in a seventy percent total reduction in energy usage.

Furthermore, ninety percent of the energy emitted is directly channeled to the cooking pan itself. This only implies that food is prepared faster while using minimal power. 

4. Convenient

Unlike conventional cooking appliances, induction cooking is a lot more convenient. It is also a more practical option when used as equipment for food businesses because of energy efficiency.

5. Faster Meal Preparation

Induction cooking is ideal for businesses because it allows faster cooking and food preparation. It also creates a more comfortable and cooler kitchen environment inside your restaurant since its surface only heats up when a pan or pot is applied.

Thus, instead of constantly keeping your cookware heated throughout your restaurant’s peak period, you can remove the pot and place it back when you need to heat it again. 

6. Doesn’t Produce Smoke

Since energy is primarily contained in the pot, the heat produced will not escape into your restaurant’s atmosphere. This is completely different from traditional methods like gas stoves, which produce smoke from the burner’s flames, making your entire restaurant kitchen foggy and hot.

7. Easy to Clean

Another reason why you should get an induction cooktop is its easy-to-clean feature. This cooktop has a flat and smooth surface and it doesn’t heat the cooktop surface. Because of this, there will no burn-overs or spills on the cooktop, making it easy to clean.

Additionally, its surface does not have hidden crannies or nooks where grease and food particles get stuck. Thus, you can be assured of hassle-free maintenance unlike owing traditional electric cooktops.

8. Space-Saving

Induction cookers are worth considering if you don’t have a lot of kitchen space since they can be placed on countertops. This saves a lot of kitchen space.

9. Great for Mobile Caterers

Portable induction cooktops are practical for mobile caterers who own stalls and food trucks. The Space-saving induction stove helps the staff maintain food freshness.

Long-Term Induction Cooker for Commercial Spaces

Induction cooking is indeed a smart, long-term, and practical approach in dealing with issues commercial kitchens encounter every day. Managing a food business or a restaurant is not an easy job. From choosing the most qualified staff to the best cookware brands, your decision would surely affect your business’s future and daily progress. 

Fortunately, induction cookware makes cooking safer and less hassle. From single-pate dishes to wide ranges, induction cookers make it easier for chefs to formulate and create mouth-watering dishes. Despite having limited resources, space, and time—the induction cooker and its suitable cookware can indeed minimize the struggle.

Induction Cooker vs. Gas Stove

Are you wondering which is better between induction cooker and gas stove? Well, an induction cooker is a lot better than a gas stove. Cooks and chefs testified that with induction cookers, they could have equal temperature control while still benefiting from a cooker that is easier to clean. 

Unlike gas stoves that produce smoke, induction cookers keep the restaurant atmosphere cool and smoke-free without compromising on performance. Furthermore, they are more energy-efficient and wastes less ambient heat than gas stoves.

Moreover, safety is a priority for most restaurants. So, it is already obvious why most restaurant owners and professional cooks always resort to induction cooking and leave their gas stoves behind.

Induction cooker versus electric stove

Induction cooking is also more beneficial to a food business than electric stoves. This is because induction heats more quickly compared to electric. Electric stoves have less controllability causing it to take a little while to heat up and cool down.

Besides, induction cooking also allows chefs and staff to control the heat by simply pressing the buttons. On the other hand, electric models do not have any control buttons that allow temperature adjustments.

To sum up, there are so many benefits of induction cooking compared to traditional cooking. Induction cooking is obviously far more practical, efficient, and safer compared to both electric stoves and gas stoves. It takes less time to heat up, allowing it to optimize its energy emission. However, it is important to remember that you cannot use any kind of pot or pan for induction cookers. 

There is induction cookware that is specifically made and designed for induction cooktops. This set of cookware is extremely convenient to use because food doesn’t stick on its surface. With so many advantages, it is easy to conclude that induction hob is indeed a better alternative to traditional methods.

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