Southern Fried Chicken with Corn Fritters


serves 4-6
8-12 chicken drumsticks, skinned
1/3 cup (40 g) plain flour
6 allspice berries, crushed
10 black peppercorns, crushed
1 garlic glove, peeled and finely chopped
2.5 ml (1/2 tsp) dried thyme
salt and pepper
1 medium egg, beaten
2 - 3 cups (125-175 g) 4-6 oz dried breadcrumbs
Oil for deep-frying

for the sweetcorn fritters

2 cups (225 g) plain flour (All purpose)
1 medium egg
1/3 cup (3 fl oz) 90 ml milk
200 g (7 oz) can sweetcorn, drained
2 spring onions, finely chopped

for the tomato salsa

6 ripe juicy tomatoes, finely chopped
2-3 spring onions, finely chopped
1/4 cucumber, finely chopped
a little olive oil and wine vinegar
chopped fresh basil or coriander, to taste


1. First make the tomato salsa. Mix the ingredients together and season liberally. Set aside.

2. For the chicken drumsticks, mix the flour with the crushed allspice and peppercorns, garlic, thyme and plenty of salt.

3. Toss the chicken in the mixture to coat evenly.

4. Dip each drumstick first in the beaten egg, and then in the breadcrumbs, pressing gently so that the breadcrumbs adhere and coat the chicken all over.

5. Arrange in a single layer on a plate and chill while preparing the fritters.

6. To make the corn fritters, put the flour and a large pinch of salt into a bowl; make a well in the centre.

7. Add the egg and milk into the well and beat to make a smooth thick batter.

8. Fold in the corn and spring onions.

9. Heat a little oil in a frying pan and fry a few large spoonfuls of the sweetcorn batter for 2-3 minutes each side until golden and crisp.

10. Drain on kitchen paper and keep warm in the oven while cooking the remainder.

12. Meanwhile, heat the oil for deep frying in a deep-fryer to 170°C (325°F).

13. Fry the chicken, in batches, for about 10 minutes until crisp and golden on the outside and cooked right through.

14. Keep warm with the corn fritters.

15. Serve the chicken and corn fritters as soon as they are all cooked, with the tomato salsa on the side.

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