Homemade Blackberry Jam


yield 10 lb
6 lb. blackberries
1/4 pint water
Rind and juice of 2 lemons
6 lb. sugar


1. Put the cleaned fruit, the water and lemon rind and juice in the pan.

2. Simmer until the fruit is soft.

3. Stir in the sugar and boil rapidly until setting point is reached.

4. Remove from the heat, skim, pot, cover, and label.

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Blackberry jam
posted by cow @ 07:04AM, 8/17/07
Me and my friend collected loads of blackberries and wanted to make jam. We found this recipe and it was great!!!
Less sugar
posted by Everard Cetavlex @ 09:40AM, 9/01/07
Less sugar can be used if you wish but remember to check the set.
Thank you
posted by rosepetal @ 04:52PM, 9/03/07

If you use jam sugar there is no need for the lemons. Thankyou!
Good recipe but misses a few things for the clueless
posted by Steph @ 05:13AM, 9/18/07
Great jam! I made half of the quantities and I must say I would still have halfed the quantity of the sugar, although that is maybe because I waited too long for the so called "setting point" (1,5 hour).

So for those clueless like me the setting point is when the sample hardens a few minutes after you scooped a tsp onto a plate.

Also, (and that is for the lazy ones) I tried to sieve the jam to make it smooth but when I saw how long this was going to take and much quantity I was going to loose I decided to stop and blend it instead. Works wonders! Enjoy!
Less Water Needed
posted by Hannah @ 09:07AM, 10/09/07
The recipe doesn't need 1/4 pint of water as when you add the sugar this brings all the juice out of the fruit too so the jam was rather runny.
posted by LUVIC @ 07:51AM, 7/29/08
You actually dont need to put any blackberries in it tastes nice without them.
posted by aileen meyrick @ 01:27PM, 8/01/08
As a complete novice (burn toast!!) i followed instructions ALMOST perfectly!!! Ended up putting ALL ingredients in at the same (blame kids pestering me for lack of concentration) however, jam has turned out great!!
Blackberry jam
posted by pam @ 05:01AM, 8/05/08
Very nice but half the sugar
Blackberry jam
posted by ben taylor @ 11:45AM, 8/12/08
I made my jam the exact way u said and took in to my carnival and it was perfect i ran out half way through so if u would like to help me out on some more recipes then feel free to tell me about them and give me some more tips and recipes
tanks for your help
Blackberry Jam
posted by Michelle @ 08:38AM, 8/17/08
Excellent recipe, however if, like me, you find after 20 minutes it hasn't reached setting point, add a liitle more lemon juice, until the bubbles are gloopy, and there you have it!!
Wow!!!!!! Ive made jam!
posted by Natalie @ 01:48PM, 8/18/08
I've never made jam before so i am amazed that this turned out perfectly, all my friends love it. It is quite sweet but I like it like that as blackberries can be quite sharp. When I think of all the blackberries that went to waste over the years...I made a half quantity as a trial, as soon as I've gathered enough berries I'm going to make more so I've got a cupboard full, yum :)
Blackberry & Pectin
posted by Kedi @ 04:36PM, 8/23/08
Hi, thanks for the recipe for the blackberry jam. I didn't have any lemons so I substituted 2 medium eating apples. There is little if no pectin (setting agent) in the blackberries themselves, so by adding the apples, which are bursting with pectin, it helps set the jam. Stewed apples and blackberries are lovely over your favourite cereal, with your favourite yogurt, etc., just add a lot less sugar....mmmmm!
Blackberry jam
posted by Redgertie @ 01:08PM, 8/25/08
Thanks for the recipe. I've never made jam before and found it really easy to make. I didn't bother with the lemons as I bought jam sugar specific for fruit with a low pectin content so it was fine. I also seived the fruit as my kids would moan if there were pips in and I ended up with a gloriously rich, dark glossy jam which tasted devine.
Blackberry jam
posted by Kaja @ 02:41AM, 8/26/08
I usually pick a lot of blackberries, freeze them and make jam with 6 lbs of fruit at the time. Yesterday (bankholiday with rain) my freezer gave up with a lot of noise, I do'nt care about the contents, but must save my fruit so spent all day jamming. Recipe above is really fool proof!!! Today all my Czar plums.
posted by Tim @ 10:38AM, 8/28/08
You don't say how long to boil it for or how you know when it's set. It's this sort or recipe that's a nightmare for beginners! Give us more detail please.
Jammy Dodger
posted by blob @ 06:54AM, 9/02/08
Followed all the instructions but didn't like the end product it was runny and too sugary and took ages to set. The kids liked it though!!
posted by Karen @ 11:11AM, 9/04/08
Makes excellent jam tastes fantastic and is easy to follow

Crushing the berries
posted by Flower heart @ 10:49AM, 9/05/08
I have just used this recipe, used half the amount of sugar and had to wait along time for setting point. I wonder if more sugar would have made the setting point sooner. One thing i might suggest is crushing the blackberries with a potato masher before you start cooking them. Have done this before and is a good tip!
It is set when it reaches 104 C
posted by shmoo @ 05:03AM, 9/06/08
A jam thermometer makes it foolproof
Blackberry picking mad!
posted by vonni @ 08:34AM, 9/06/08
Picked blackberries nearly everyday for a week, even in the rain!! freezer now full. made above jam and blended end product. set really well, tastes great but have burnt my tongue in process!! thanks.
Lovely jubbly
posted by Eddy @ 02:15PM, 9/14/08
Did'nt use all the sugar(from the advice from feedback).The best jam i've ever had,and the kids loved it too.Thank you.
posted by abby @ 09:43AM, 9/15/08
Yuu do not have how many jars it will make
Carefull leaving out too much sugar.
posted by Lori @ 05:09PM, 9/15/08
If your jam sits a while, (we eat ours fast), using less sugar can affect the preserving time. After all your hard work you won't want it to spoil in the end.
posted by Jam Panda @ 07:21AM, 9/21/08
I have never made Jam before so I read all the comments first. The jam turned out to be so delicious that I will have to make some more!

I used 3.5 lb of thoroughly washed blackberries, 2 peeled and finely chopped eating apples, and 3 fluid oz water. I boiled all this together for about 20 minutes. Removed from heat, then I blended it a bit with a handblender and slowly stirred in 3 lb of jam sugar (with pectin). Returned to heat and slowly brought to the boil - a really bubbling boil - and boiled hard for about 8 minutes. This reached the setting point (a spoonful in the fridge turned into jam!) Mine did not need skimming as the surface looked clean. It made six jam jars of wonderful jam. The jam is quite thick and smooth because I blended it. Took about an hour from start to finish :)
How do you know when it's set?
posted by mary @ 10:44PM, 9/24/08
During the boiling hold up the stirring spoon above the steam, sideways (on its edge),and watch the drops form on the edge. At first they fall quickly, but when the last drop hangs onto the edge of the spoon, dangles but dosen't drop and just firms up, it's ready to jar. Take the pot off the heat.
Never Made Jam before.....and it worked!
posted by Jilly Burkitt @ 11:39AM, 9/29/08
I think the lemon helps it set. I cut down a little on the amount of sugar used. But it has set and is delicious:-) I added chunky apple with the blackberries and it has added real substance to it.
Second lot of jam made but never commented before!!
posted by doris @ 10:55AM, 11/17/08
Excellent recipe excellent instructions fool foolproof for me excellent results just followed exactly and hey presto!! so good i did it twice and will give all the little pots i made for christmas as pressies!!
Luverly ! :)
posted by neene @ 07:02AM, 6/22/09
I made my batch with a little less water and sugar (confirmed non conformist that couldn't follow instructions if life depended on it!). This probably explains why I didn't manage to fill many jars, but still luverly jam! :)
Best Jam I've Ever Tasted!!!!!!!!
posted by Toby @ 02:07AM, 6/25/09
Even though this was my first time making jam, It was still the best I've ever tasted. Now Ive setabout trying to put different flavours in it, (Add A pinch of ginger after boiling and then stir, Its BRILLIANT!!!!!)
I'm a jam n00b!
posted by Cali @ 05:53PM, 7/08/09
How long does it last if you leave it sealed in the Jars? I'm thinking of making some for Christmas too, but I'm not sure how long the Jars will last? And all the comments are great tips! Thanks to everyone who contributed! = )
Lovely stuff.
posted by JJC @ 05:59AM, 7/22/09
Thanks for the recipe.

In answer to the above.

I make loads of jars at a time and it's been perfect still, after being stored for 4 or 5 months in a cool dark cupboard.
To Cali
posted by Elle the foodie @ 06:32AM, 7/30/09
I suggest freezing as much fruit as possible and making a fresh batch the week or 2 before Christmas. That way your friends will have more choice as to when to consume the jam, and you dont have to worry about it going off before you give them away as gifts. If you are like me at Christmas, there is so much food around, at even if you are given a food present, it is unlikley to be eaten until well into the new year.

I like the simplicity of this recipe (in fact I just made a batch 30mins ago!) I did use jam sugar, but only about 3/4 of the amount suggested. Still found it very sweet. I am very lucky as I have loads of blackberry bushes in my garden, so I will make a new batch in a couple of days this time with apple. :)

Will be storing the jam in the fridge as I will be using less sugar. Do you think that will be alright?

Will also try this mixture when my strawberries finally ripen -
1/3kg blackberries
1/3kg strawberries
1/3kg raspberries

Should be a nice jam, will let you know how it turns out.
posted by Paul Rooth ( Doncaster) @ 07:40AM, 8/03/09
Just made a batch over in France. Blackberries a little early but I managed to find some. Followed the advice. Not bad.
The next batch in the UK I'll shread the apple and use a hand blender prior to adding the sugar. I think for all jam I'll use the (sugar- jam) especially for strawberry jam, as most of the strawberries are forced nowerdays and lack pectin.
posted by Mrs kirstie wells. west sussex nr Goodwood. @ 01:26PM, 8/07/09
Made the jam!!
We halfed all the amounts as we didnt have enough blackberries, we only managed to collect 2lbs!!
But all the same, it came out PERFECTLY.
And good for our first attempt!!
A recipe that you can easily remember!!
oh and we cheated and used the squeezy lemon juice you put on pancakes as we didnt have any fresh!!!! It worked just as good xxx
Runny jam
posted by steve crewe @ 04:42AM, 8/09/09
Made as said but put all ingredients in together and jam dint set. how if poss can i rectify this? dont want to waste as took ages picking the berries and made loads. thanks
Blackberry jam
posted by rodney robinson (southampton) @ 06:52AM, 8/09/09
Could you cut out the sugar and replace with aspic gel and would this set just as well
Low sugar
posted by Karen @ 05:00AM, 8/12/09
Used your jam recipe but i used light sugar as have diabetic friend and we watching our weight !! Very nice jam.
Brilliant Jam
posted by JP @ 10:40AM, 8/12/09
Excellent Recipe, i used a combination of the recipe at top and (Jam Panda) coments.
2 lb blackberries i just could not resist picking in a car park, boilled with 60ml, 2 oz of water, 1 lemon rind and juice. Boilled for 20 minutes. Then as (Jam Panda)above, removed from heat and use the hand blender idea, this is a really good idea for around a couple of minutes, so mixture is really smooth then add 2lb of sugar slowly stirred in. Put back on heat brought to boil and as (Jam Panda) suggests boil for 8 minutes dont put the lid on the sauce pan, Doh it will rise and spill every where. A quick test as mentioned in coments, put small spoon ful of mixture in fridge when it reaches 4 minutes of the last 8 minute boil, check after 4 minutes should be set.
Transfer to jars that have been warmed in oven at 50 c.
Never done this before i am amazed at the result.
I will definately be doing this again and other jams.
Real nice not made jam since i was like 10 yrs old
posted by dave uk west yorkshire @ 01:55PM, 8/15/09
Awesome worked a treat i did just 2lbs of fruit enough for 4 jam pots and i bin eating toast with it :) all week still got enough for 2 ibs more in freezer when i run out :)
simple recipe little less water works better and if ya having trouble with setting thing well i found little more lemon juice worked for me
Blackberry Jam
posted by Alison, Hertfordshire,@6.30 18.8.09 @ 01:33PM, 8/18/09
Never made Jam before, went picking this afternoon, made when I got back so cant get much fresher. Recipe easy to understand and other peoples review gave me confidence. Jam set and I think its all okay, So a big thankyou to all those helpful reviews, I did use less water and added a bit more sugar.
Remedy for runny jam
posted by Lynne Lockwood @ 04:18PM, 8/24/09
If it hasn't set once you have put into jars, simply empty the contents of the jars back into the saucepan, bring back to the boil and add some more lemon juice. I always use bottled lemon juice as apposed to freshly squeezed lemons, and it works just as well.
To test if the setting point has reached, place a saucer or small plate in the freezer for a few mins. Then take out and drop a teaspoon of jam onto the plate. After a couple of mins push it a little with your finger. If a crust has formed on the top then setting point has been reached.
Shelf Life
posted by Lynne Lockwood @ 04:30PM, 8/24/09
In terms of shelf life, I have just opened my last jar of strawberry jam that I made 3 years ago! No problems whatsoever. If you lid the jars as soon as you pour in the jam, it is sterile and will last for many months. Best to keep it stored in a cool, dark place, and refridgerate once you have opened the lid.
I'm no expert - I have only made strawberry and plum jams, but they are SO much nicer than shop bought jams. My saucepan for the above recipe is bubbling as I type! Fingers crossed I have the same success as the rest of you!
This recipe is great!!!!!!!!!!11
posted by ruth siddorn @ 07:52AM, 8/25/09
I decided to pick some blackberries one day and make some jam. this recipe was fab as it is really simple. you know when it is set by leaving a spoonful of jam on a plate in the window for a minute and if it has a skin on it, it is ready to pot! worked perfectly thankyou! xx
Blackberry Jam
posted by Gay Smith Lincolnshire @ 09:19AM, 8/25/09
Have just made jam ,quick and easy to make ,slightly sweet,but still very good,thank you for usfull coments.

Aug 25th 2009
Brilliant results
posted by Graham @ 04:05PM, 8/25/09
I used same amounts as "Jam Panda" but substituted 2 cooking apples for the eaters. Also used potato masher to blend. Brilliant results - will make more.

Many thanks
Sugar and setting questions
posted by Richard @ 06:00AM, 8/27/09
The sugar is the preservative, you need to have about 2/3 sugar in total (including the natural sugar in the fruit) to get the preserving effect. If you lower the amount of added sugar then you will have to keep the 'jam' in the fridge. Commercial low sugar jams rely on perfectly sterile jam jars and a vacuum in the jar to prevent the jam going mouldy. High sugar jam will keep indefinately.

The jam sets because of three things: pectin, acid and a lack of water. You add the lemons to raise the acid content, you boil the jam to the "setting point" to reduce the water in the jam and to 'free' the pectin in the fruit. Jam sugar has pectin added, but you can also raise pectin by adding high pectin fruit like redcurrants or crab apples. For example, I always add redcurrants to strawberry jam.

If your jam has not set then add some more acid and boil it again. However, be careful because you can go too far and get very solid jam!
Too much sugar
posted by Rob @ 12:48PM, 8/30/09
I have made some lovely Elderberry and Plum jam but it tastes soo sugary. It has set fine but the sugar taste sort of takes the flavour away from the fruit.
Is there anything I can do to remedy this? I did think about re-heating it and just adding more fruit to dilute it further..
Any help would be great :-)
The best jam ever
posted by Carys!!! @ 01:41PM, 9/01/09
It was so nice I've tasted strawberry jam it's good but not as good as blackberry jam we pick blackberries from a local canal we pick black berries every year we made blacberry crumble and it's delious!!! any who by Age :10 by the way
posted by Den and Lisa @ 12:25PM, 9/02/09
We divided the quantities by 4 to make a smaller amount but forgot to reduce the lemons and water.... Wahoo! Blackberry Toffee!
Setting Temperature
posted by Joyce @ 05:10PM, 9/03/09
Will it always set if it reaches 104C or does the Acid/Sugar still effect the setting?
How long can you store this jam?
posted by miss mop @ 11:48AM, 9/04/09
And do you need to store in the fridge?
i would like to make it for xmas pressys (credit crunch christmas!)
have never made jam before!!!- i usually make chutney!
any advice would be greatly recieved! thanks
Solid Jam
posted by Michelle @ 05:14PM, 9/04/09
I tried the recipe and did exactly as it said, seemed fine when it was poured into the jars and tasted lovely when we tried it after it had cooled. However next morning when I took it out of the fridge for my toast it had gone rock hard. Where did I go wrong??
Sugar subtitute
posted by Mel @ 04:13PM, 9/06/09
Would candarel or splenda work ok instead of sugar?
posted by Gordon & Lisa @ 04:16PM, 9/21/09
Thanks for the recipe- worked a treat!
First Time Jam Maker
posted by Tara @ 06:25AM, 9/25/09
Followed all the steps so far so good, Do I let the jam cool before putting in the jars? Jars have been warmed in the overn. do I need the little circles as I have lids for my jars, they were old shop bought jam jars. And should I allow to cool with lid on or put them in the fridge to cool?

Thanks in advance.
Chevin jam #1
posted by Wills @ 03:01PM, 10/05/09
Hahhaaa its a recession on so all my friends and family now have blackberry jam for christmas!
Tara - just make sure seal is clean then hot fill into cold jars and straight away tighten lid on then invert jar and boil in water upside down for a few mins - this way you keep vacuum and jam is ambient stable for months.
Shelf life
posted by gerry @ 07:08AM, 11/19/09
I made blackberry (brambles in Scotland) and ginger jam and it has been stored almost everywhere due to moving house many times and eventually forgot I had it - found it again last week and with some trepidation, tasted it, it was still beautiful -- after 14 years!!!!!!
Balance out the sugar
posted by percy1trick @ 08:10AM, 2/26/10
You need equal amounts of suger and fruit otherwise it will only keep for two weeks instead of over a month, pick a hand full of blackberrys that are half ripe and the sourness will stand up to the extra sweetness( extrras lemon), if you find it to sweet
Can i use normal sugar?
posted by michelle @ 04:27AM, 7/27/10
Silly question but is normal sugar alright to use? or doe's it have to be jam suger (with pectin). cant wait to make it today.
Jam Easy
posted by rebecca @ 11:06AM, 8/06/10
I used blackberries from my garden mite as well, sum lemon juice of one small lemon demera sugar to same amount as blackberries, then put sugar lemon juice and blackberries in a pan (no water) once sugar is dissolved and melted into juice of blackberries and blackberries, then boil it for twenty miniutes or less, to check if it will set put a plate in freezer so it gets cold then take small amount of the jam and put on the cold plate if it sets its done quick easy way checking, then if using a jar warm jar few miniutes in oven so when u put the hot jam in will set better , also put piece cultlery side jar stop breaking.
Its ok
posted by bery @ 11:32AM, 8/07/10
At the rate i eat it it wont need to last 2weeks :)
First Time Jammer
posted by Melv @ 01:22PM, 8/07/10
Followed Recipe but halved ingredients, only picked 3 lb blackberries, I still added the juice of 2 large lemons and the rind of 1. It took 45 mins to cook and it tastes fab, filled 4 medium jars
and a little left over for sandwich, yummy.
Can i use normal sugar?
posted by John @ 10:23AM, 8/08/10
To answer your question, yes, pectin is in the lemons
posted by jeff @ 06:11AM, 8/09/10
My jam has come out runny any tips please
Cooking time
posted by Immy @ 03:23PM, 8/10/10
I am not reviewing, I am just thinking of making blackberry jam. How many minutes should I cook the berries for to make sure that they are cooked right? Also, 6lbs of sugar sounds a lot!!
posted by harbertons @ 03:34AM, 8/11/10
You have not said any timing like for when you boil it you could give a rough idea
I'm a Jam Maker !!!
posted by Mark M @ 09:48AM, 8/14/10
Fantastic! Have never made jam before but really wanted to so we went out and picked the blackberries this morning and came home and made our first ever batch of jam. Great easy recipe. It sent in fifteen minutes.
It really works!
posted by Luna @ 08:39AM, 8/17/10
I have just made this having never made jam before and I've impressed myself! I didn't have enough blackberries for even half the amount so I substituted with some with raspberries, strawberries and a cooking apple and the result is superb. Having read the other reviews I blended it at the end which has resulted in a beatifully smooth and glossy result.

For the newbies like myself:

- Sterilise your jars first using the highest setting in your dishwasher (I didn't but I should have done and will do next time).
- Half this amount was enough for my huge stock pot as it really boils up high so to make the full amount you'd need a special pan
- Test to see if it's ready by spooning a teaspoon full on to a plate and putting it in the fridge for a few minutes, if it sets it's ready (also a great time to try it!).
- Half the amount makes about 6 jars
- When the jam is in the jars turn them upside down to seal the jar inside.

Spoilt by garden full of blackberries!!
posted by Andy in Birmingham, UK @ 05:40PM, 8/22/10
Picked loads, made blackberry and apple pies!! Can't wait to make lots of jars of blackberry jam for Christmas presents. I intend to freeze some of mine and make them just before Christmas. Willl add some bramley cooking apples and use a blender too! Will let you kinow how it turns out:)
Amazing jam
posted by kerry @ 05:32AM, 8/23/10
If you blend the fruit with the water first then sieve it then add to the stovk pot and then add suger it only takes 15 mins to make
and the jam is out of this world im a jam virgin never made jam
before but will be making it again
Going to try this
posted by gemsy @ 12:06PM, 8/23/10
Need another 1.5lb of berries then I'm making half the quantity. Never made jam before so fingers crossed it works. Been collecting jars for ages... Any other tips on jarring the jam? I'll dishwasher them, put in over at 50C, then put jam in and turn upside down... is this right?

Cleaning the jars
posted by josh @ 01:34PM, 8/24/10
Try putting the empty jam jars on the grill while the oven heats up, as this keeps them nice and clean until they are ready for use. Still clean them first, though!
Readying the jars
posted by Joshy @ 01:46PM, 8/24/10
After washing, we put empty jam jars in grill with oven hot under it until ready for use, as this keeps them clean until the jam can go in!
Also, warming sugar up before adding it helps make sure it will dissolve in the jam.
Its that time of year again
posted by the bush tucker man @ 02:35PM, 8/24/10
Iv made blackberry jam this week for the last 10/12 yrs except last year when it was so wet the berries were all mushy on the brambles. i use pretty much the same recipe as the one shown except the water. if the berries are full and juicy then i dont think there is need to add any, the idea is to boil off all water to reach the setting point. I use standard granulated sugar in equal quantities as the fruit, 2 lemons squeezed and chopped into 4 and the chopped bits added as well ( remove before bottling ) there is lots of pectin in the rind. slowly heat the fruit till soft in a large stock pot, ( the mixture increases in volume as its boiling) mash with a potato masher, add sugar and bring to a rolling boil stirring frequently untill you reach setting point,wash jars in the dishwasher and dry in the oven set at 80 degrees. The setting point is when teaspoon of mixture forms a skin when placed on a cold saucer for a few min. You you can use a thermometer and setting point is 220f but i always double check with the saucer method. this could take from 20-40 mins depending on the moisture content of the fruit. Sometimes there is a scum on the top, add a small knob of butter and stir in , chances are this will go. Leave to cool for 10 mins then stir, this evenly distibutes the fruit. Jar while still hot and lid tightly, when its cold there will be a vacuum in the jar and it will last yrs i still have some from 2 yrs ago.

I use granulated sugar because its cheaper than jam sugar.

Dont reduce the sugar too much because this is the reason it last so long without going off.

6lb of fruit will make about 10-12 lb jam so make sure you have plenty of jars.

this recipe can be used for any soft fruit, strawberries, raspberries etc

Once you taste home made jam or marmalade you will never go back to shop bought stuff.

posted by gemsy @ 08:20AM, 8/25/10
I just made jam! First attempt. Seemed ok, tasted sweet. Smelt fantastic when I softened the fruit. Just tipped my jars upside down. Hope they are ok. Wasn't sure if it reached the setting point. Boiled for about 8-10 minutes. Some seemed to set in the fridge. Still runny when poured in to jars. Made a right mess pouring into jars. Any tips on how to do it without spilling jam? Hooray. Might make some scones now and have afternoon tea later on and test the jam!!
Mmmm - lovely
posted by Fi @ 10:54AM, 8/25/10
I picked 4lb of blackberries this morning. Boiled them up without any lemon, just about a quarter pint of water and a glug of apple juice. I added a desert spoon full of powdered ginger prior to adding 3lb of sugar. Boiled for quite a while to get the setting point. Tastes great!

I sterilize my jars by rinsing them in really hot water, then drying / heating them in a really low oven for about ten minutes.

To get the jam into my pots, I scoop it out of the pan with a plastic measuring jug. A lot less splatter than trying to pour straight from the pan :-)
First Time Jam Maker
posted by charlie @ 09:49AM, 8/31/10
Just followed the recipe but only in1/3s of the quantities ( it was my first time so I thought I could keep disaster to a minimum with smaller quantities. ) However It worked realy well and i went on to make some scones afterwards to eat the jam with :) Im going to be picking some more blackberries to make some for all my friends !
Frozen Blackberries
posted by Paula @ 09:26AM, 9/01/10
I have a lot of blackberries in my freezer that i picked last year and still havent used. If i want to use them to make jam will i need to defrost them first or can i use them straight from the freezer?
posted by chloe xx @ 12:14PM, 9/05/10
Bramble jelly
posted by gwyneth @ 01:58PM, 9/06/10
Just made my jam ,husband does not like the seeds ,so I tried to sieve it .It took ages .So I sieved it through pair of tights; new;.it has come out gorgeous like bramble jelly.two and a half lbs made two jars .But will follow recipe to the T next time should get more out of it.
Grrrrreat stuff !
posted by Beth @ 03:55AM, 9/13/10
Made my first ever batch of jam yesterday afternoon. Collected 6lbs of blackberries and followed this recipe to the tee. The result is an amazing batch of fabulous faultless blackberry jam !! What a straighforward , easy to follow guide I found here. No fussing. No "impossible to find " ingredients. Hassle free. The product is a fabulous blackberry jam. Wow !! Thank you soooo much .
It worked!!
posted by claire @ 04:36PM, 9/13/10
I made plum jam yesterday following similar recipe but this morning went to eat some and it had set far too hard :-(
tentitively followed this recipe for blckberries and it worked a treat.
Ensure you dont wait for it to reduce too much and it works.
Jam for xmas pressys anyone????
Wonderful recipe - thanks !
posted by baba's friend @ 06:54AM, 9/15/10
I have just been picking blackberries this morning, and have decided to make some jam now - I have frozen some and kept some for jam ! I feel quite confident {optomistic maybe is the right word } after reading all these reviews so many thanks everyone for all the tips ! Great ! Cant wait . . . . . . . . all the best !
Wonderfully quick and easy jam!
posted by Esther @ 02:23PM, 9/21/10
I have just finished making some of this wonderful blackberry jam from the masses of berries we picked on Sunday afternoon.
I did 3lb of berries and only 1.5lb sugar as i don't like my jam too sweet. I know it doesn't preserve for as long, but we generally don't keep it hanging around anyway.
I have made various jams for years and this is a really simple recipe.
For whoever it was that asked about poaring the jam into the jars - you can buy a jam funnel for very little money. It is metal and has a much larger hole than a regular funnel so that you just sit it over the jam jar and ladle the jam in........totally mess free!

I will try the blackberry and apple one tomorrow with the rest of our berries. Thanks for such a great recipe!
Soft brown sugar
posted by Pinkabelle @ 04:49AM, 10/06/10
Just about to make my first batch of jam...would soft brown sugar be better for the taste????
Blackberry Shiraz Jam
posted by Irene @ 05:26AM, 4/03/11
When would you add the Shiraz and how much. I understand this jam is beautiful
Black berry cores
posted by jim @ 11:41AM, 7/25/11
Do you need to take that core out of the blackberry before making jam?
You might like to try this
posted by Frank @ 09:37AM, 8/02/11
Add 1 inch of cut open Madagascan Vanilla pod to every 500 gr. of fruit while boiling.

Adds a very subtle vanilla aroma.
Lovely jam
posted by dylan taylor @ 02:17PM, 8/02/11
The jam was really nice but was a little bit runny at the end so it needs less water ,(but it was still delicios
posted by sam @ 12:31PM, 8/03/11
The recipie is really simple and obviously works but may i ask if the lemon is needed?
posted by sandra @ 02:48PM, 8/03/11
Try blending saves so much time and half the blackberrys and sugar for 1 meduim jar and small!
Jam oh yes
posted by Dale & Julie @ 07:47AM, 8/13/11
Its raining so my wife and i have made jam with 2lb of blackberries i picked last week.
We didnt add any water as berries were very juicy. We we'rnt sure about boiling times so we guessed. We boiled for 10 minutes then added sugar and boiled for another 8. Daughter not inpressed but waiting to try.

P.S we didnt blend as we like lumpy jam.
First Timer
posted by Gerry S @ 02:41PM, 8/13/11
Made this for first time today and its lovely. Used jam sugar so only twenty mins to setting point. Off searching for more blackberries tomorrow.
posted by George, Brum @ 11:45AM, 8/18/11
After the jam has (hopefully) set at least 1/2 inch below the brim of the jar, and no smears at the unfilled neck (use clean tissue if so) add a thin topping of honey. This is a preservative par excellence and ensures the jam isn't exposed to the air. Lid tightly. Keep it upright, using a tray and transfering to a cool dark place. I'm still using my mega-supply made 2 years ago place, perfect with my museli
posted by Christina @ 06:54PM, 8/20/11
Made a delicious jam at first attempt! Superb and simple recipe. Definately a keeper. Thank you so much for sharing!! My husband is liking the pot hahaha
posted by Bear @ 03:36AM, 8/21/12
Last year this was my first attempt at making jam. I followed this recipe exactly (I had only 2 lb of blackberries so I scaled back the ingredients accordingly).

The jam came out perfectly! I know the reason for adding the lemons is mainly the pectin but it also adds to the taste and aroma!

In the last few days I have picked a lot more blackberries because I want to make a larger quantity this time!

Some people commented that pouring the jam into the jars can be messy. Buy a jam funnel! You can get a nice stainless steel one for just £5 (eBay, Amazon...) and it will last for the rest of your life!
No such thing as a failure
posted by Mari @ 02:33PM, 9/01/12

If you are disappointed with the set it will stir perfectly into natural yogurt - soooo delicious!

Can also drizzle on desert plate yummy with ice cream
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