Harvey Wallbanger Cheesecake


serves 10-12
3/4 stick (6 Tbsp) 75 g butter or margarine
3 tbsps jelly marmalade
1/3 cup (75 g) 3oz caster sugar (superfine granulated)
225 g digestive biscuits, finely crushed

for the filling

450 g full fat soft cheese
1 cup (225 g) 1/2 lb caster sugar (superfine granulated)
4 eggs, separated
grated rind of 1 orange
4 tbsps Galliano liqueur
300 ml double or whipping cream
30 g powdered gelatine
6 tbsps orange juice

for the topping

300 ml double or whipping cream
3 tbsps Galliano liqueur
2 egg whites
1/3 cup (75 g) 3oz caster sugar (superfine granulated)


1. Melt the butter or margarine, jelly marmalade and sugar in a saucepan over a gentle heat and stir in the biscuit crumbs.

2. Press into a greased loose-bottomed 25-30 cm/10-12 inch round cake tin. Chill.

3. Soften the cheese in a large mixing bowl. Beat in 100 g/ 4 oz of the caster sugar, the egg yolks, orange rind, Galliano and cream.

4. Put the gelatine and orange juice into a small heatproof bowl over a saucepan of hot water and stir until the gelatine has dissolved.

5. Beat the gelatine into the cheese mixture. Leave on one side until the mixture is on the point of setting.

6. Whisk the egg whites until stiff, then whisk in the remaining sugar. Fold lightly but thoroughly into the cheese mixture.

7. Spoon the mixture into the prepared tin and chill for 3-4 hours or until set.

8. Ease the sides of the tin carefully away from the cheesecake and lift the set cheesecake out on the tin base.

9. For the topping, whip the cream with the Galliano until thick.

10. Whisk the egg whites until stiff, then whisk in the caster sugar. Fold the meringue into the whipped cream.

11. Pipe or swirl on top of the cheesecake. Decorate with orange segments.

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