Strawberry Flan


serves 6
4 oz (100 g) shortcrust pastry
1 egg yolk
2 tbsp (25 g) 1 oz caster sugar (superfine granulated)
1 tbls (14 g) 1 1/2 oz flour
2.5 ml (1/2 tsp) vanilla flavouring
2/3 cup (150 ml) 1/4 pt milk
1 lb (450 g) strawberries, hulled
2 tbsp (30 ml) red currant jelly
2/3 cup (150 ml) 1/4 pt fresh double cream (heavy cream)
1 tbsp (15 ml) milk
1 tbls (15 ml) spoon icing sugar (confectioners sugar) sifted icing sugar
2 tsp (10 ml) orange juice or sherry


1. Roll out the pastry. Use it to line a 15 - 18 cm (6 - 7 inch) fluted flan ring resting on a lightly buttered baking tray. Prick well all over.

2. Line with foil and bake blind in the oven at 200°C (400°F) mark 6 for 15 minutes.

3. Remove the foil, return the flan to the oven and bake for a further 15 minutes until crisp and golden. Remove and cool.

4. Beat the egg yolk and sugar together until thick and light.

5. Stir in the flour and vanilla and gradually blend in the milk.

6. Pour into a small saucepan and cook, stirring, until the mixture comes to the boil and thickens. Simmer for 3 minutes. Remove

7. When completely cold, spread over the base of the flan case, cover with strawberries and brush with melted red currant jelly.

8. Beat the fresh cream and milk together until thick. Stir in the sugar and either orange juice or sherry.

9. Pipe or spoon the mixture over the fruit filling. Chill for 30 minutes before serving. Serves 6

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posted by john amey @ 04:48AM, 3/18/08
This was the best recipe ever, i ate it all in one night the only bad thing is the word FLAN because it dosent sound too nice but once you have eaten it u will love it i make it 2 times a week now!
posted by lucy driver @ 05:06AM, 7/03/09
Lovely. made it for my kids, they loved it to bits! will do it again next week xx
What does it look like?
posted by Jazz @ 04:42AM, 3/12/10
Is there a picture that shows what the flan looks like after you have piped the creamy mixture over the top? I would like to see what it will look like when it if finished...
This is not a Flan!
posted by Heather @ 09:28AM, 6/25/11
This is a strawberry tart recipe. Strawberry flan has a sponge base. Both are yummy though!
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