Homemade Plum Jam


yield 10 lb.
6 lb. plums
1 pint water
6 lb. sugar


1. Cut the washed and drained plums in half, and remove the stones.

2. Quarter the plums and add the water, in the pan.

3. Crack about 12 of the stones, remove the kernels and blanch in boiling water for 5 minutes before splitting them in half.

4. Add to the pan. Simmer until the fruit is pulpy, stir in the sugar and boil rapidly until setting point is reached

5. Remove from the heat, skim, pot, cover, and label.

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Plum jam made easy
posted by Helen Swan @ 03:58AM, 9/12/07
My husband tried this with great success. He used jam sugar though your recipe doesn't specify this. The plums were Victoria plums and the jam is delicious.
posted by Gordon @ 07:39PM, 12/30/07
I will be trying this recipe soon I just wondered if I need to Refrigerate the jars after they are sealed with the jam?

Answer : no, just let them cool.
Why the kernels?
posted by Gwynneth @ 06:58AM, 7/26/08
This is great, thanks, but why do you add the kernels in this way? And why not all the kernels?
Can i still use the plums i have boiled and refrrigerated overnight without sugar?
posted by Lorrainre @ 05:10AM, 9/04/08
I cooked plums without sugar as my son spilt the sugar oops! I have refrigerated them overnight can i now boil them again with sugar to make the jam ?
posted by conor @ 07:12AM, 7/26/09
Yes u can refrrigerate plums overnight
Why the Kernals
posted by Richard @ 11:18AM, 8/02/09
In her recipes Mrs Beeton suggested adding a few of the Kernels to the Jam as it improves the flavour.
Kernels flavour it a bit like almonds
posted by tea cups @ 05:04PM, 8/15/09
Plum Kernels are just like apple pips they taste and smell of Almonds and contain cyanide , and if eaten in larger quantitys they are very poisonous , a few cracked kernels will give a nice flavour to the jam , but I wouldnt over do it :)
So sweet
posted by katie @ 08:48AM, 8/29/09
Is there any way you can make this recipe with less sugar
Setting Point
posted by M Macleod @ 03:41PM, 8/29/09
Hope to use this recipe for first time - how do you know when setting point is reached.
Setting point
posted by Clare @ 09:23AM, 8/31/09
You can either use a sugar thermometer or put 2 or 3 saucers into the freezer and when you think it might be set get out one of the saucers and drop a bit on and see if the jam drip forms a 'skin' on top. If not just carry on heating the jam through and try again with another saucer a few minutes later.
The presence of Kernels
posted by David @ 01:09PM, 9/02/09
If I am not mistaken the kernels are the main source of pectin which improves the setting process - so maybe add them tied in a piece of muslin, remove them when you skim - better flavour and better setting
Re - So Sweet
posted by Jenny @ 10:43AM, 9/04/09
The sugar is needed as a preservative but I find that you can make any jam more tart by adding lemon juice. This recipe is the same as I have always used - since I was knee high to a grass hopper!! I was always taught to add a knob of butter to any jam before setting point is reached to disperse the white froth that can form on the top.
What is a kernel?
posted by Anonymous @ 06:22AM, 9/20/09
I am thinking of making this jam, but have no idea what a kernel is. I assumed it was the stone in the middle. Is this correct?
posted by Tracey Groves @ 02:50PM, 9/22/09
Ive just made some plum jam. followed the recipe, put it in jars to set, but no it didnt, emptied it back in to the pot the next day, re-boiled it and tried again,still no joy.What am i doing wrong??
Ive made other jams and never had this problem!!
First time...
posted by Rebecca Hale @ 02:12PM, 8/14/10
This was the first time I had tried making a jam of any sort. We have a plum tree in the garden and this year seem to have a bumper crop, so we had to find a way to preserve them before they all went bad. This recipe was easy to follow and seems to have worked thus far (have now put the jam into jars and am waiting for it to set. I didn't put the kernels in, I hope the jam will be alright... Thanks for the recipe!!
Adding the kernels
posted by Susan B. @ 01:01PM, 8/23/10
I have forgotten to blanch the kernels , I broke them and added them to the jam- can you tell me if this is safe to do, I have now removed most of them as I was unsure but would like to know for the next batch. S. Boam
posted by Paige @ 05:50PM, 8/23/10
Made the jam and it has turned out great, thanks for the recipe :)
posted by Sarah @ 03:21AM, 9/03/10
I made this jam the other day, but i didnt bother adding the kernals, and it is delicious! I used one third preserving sugar and two thirds granulated, and it is perfectly set, not too hard, not too soft!
I have now used up 24 pounds of plums, so you can imagine the amount of plum jam I have in my house!
Spice it up
posted by daze @ 06:10AM, 9/03/10
This is my second year making plum jam - if you want a nice xmas taste add a few teaspoons of cinnamon and/or a vanilla pod to the recipe - you wont regret it!
Set too hard
posted by rhona @ 06:07AM, 9/04/10
I have left the finished jam in a large cookpot to cool overnight. Now it is so thick, I am trying to skim it but I have obviously left it too long boiling. Is there anything I can do to enable me to get the jam into jars?
posted by cy @ 07:09AM, 8/01/11
Have burnt the jam, devastated
Plum jam
posted by steve @ 12:23PM, 8/01/11
Can you use diet sugar
posted by pat the jam maker @ 03:23PM, 8/28/11
For 6lb of plums only use half a tea cup of water. use plums that are almost ripe. use jam sugar.
Re plum jam
posted by frizzy faye @ 03:05PM, 9/01/11
I made it one year with normal sugar and it was just nice..a little runny..the next year used proper setting sugar and i didnt like it ...too solid for my liking...also I usually seive out the stones as I go along... probably get more from plums and cant be bothered with all the cutting and de kernelling!
posted by Debbie @ 03:27AM, 10/11/11
Kernals, stones?? same item?
Cook it down
posted by suzzie @ 04:24PM, 10/20/12
I have been taught by my mom to cook the jam down to get it to set. It all depends on how juicy the plums are. If you get lots of juice off the plums then you need to cook it down to loose the "watery" affect. I have found that ripe plums produce the sweetest jam.
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