Queen Cakes


100 g (4 oz) butter
100 g (4 oz) caster sugar
2 eggs, beaten
100 g (4 oz) self-raising flour
50 g (2 oz) sultanas


1. Spread out 16 paper cases on baking sheets, or put them into patty tins.

2. Cream the butter and sugar together until pale and fluffy. Gradually beat in the egg, a little at a time, beating well after each addition. Fold in the flour, then the fruit.

3. Fill the paper cases half full. Bake at 190°C (375°F) mark 5 for 15-20 minutes, until golden brown. Transfer to a wire rack to cool.

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Queen Cakes
posted by Wadzanayi @ 08:44AM, 5/16/07
Very easy to prepare. You can also substitute the sultanas with grated orange rind to give an orange flavour
Reply to ciara h
posted by Heidi @ 08:57AM, 9/13/07
Ummm, though they dont have a serving suggestion im guessing based on the fact that it says spread out 16 paper cases that you would know it made 16.
Me, myself and I
posted by laura c @ 10:23AM, 9/28/07
Not the best suggestions in the world but if looking for just the recipe, very helpful!
posted by MEW @ 12:43PM, 11/29/07
Nice simple recipe, thanks
Happy daughter
posted by susan @ 10:04AM, 12/13/07
Easy to follow for young children
Reply to Ciara H
posted by Nanny Schubert @ 09:42AM, 1/16/08
Serving suggestion?!? Howsabout serve with a nice cup of tea. They're an old fashioned cup cake, asking for a serving suggestion is like asking for a serving suggestion for a digestive biscuit.
Serving Suggestion
posted by Barry @ 06:18PM, 3/23/08
This is one that my mum did for us.
Cut the top off the cup cake and create a little hollow in the middle. Put some rasperry jam in the hollow with fresh thick cream on top.
Cut the top in half to make two wing shapes.
Place the wings vertically on top the cream should hold them in place.
Then serve with some nice Barry's tea
posted by ross @ 01:48PM, 4/19/08
Easy to follow and very helpful
Queen Cakes
posted by Ronny Noble @ 07:30AM, 6/29/08
Why would anyone need a serving suggestion!!!!!!
Take it out of the oven, allow to cool remove the bun-case and eat!!!!!
What a messy face!!!
posted by Jack Jones @ 07:13AM, 7/09/08
Have a young Jamie Oliver on my hands. Thanks for the tips, they tasted fab!!!!
Very tasty
posted by Encarna Mata @ 08:08AM, 9/01/08
Those buns are really tasty but i dont like sultanas so i swaped them for chocolate chips,not great for children,when i do them for children i get writeing icing and paint funny faces on them,thanx for the recipe
Happy now
posted by r carr @ 07:58AM, 1/06/09
Thanks my son(10) loves baking and this is handy and straight forward steps for kids!!
posted by Chef Ramsy @ 03:16PM, 4/26/09
Those cakes were d-e-e lisious.
posted by rob nutter @ 07:52AM, 9/22/09
Easy To Prepare and easy To eat To
Listen.............tv rescue.....!!!!
posted by mary davis @ 11:34AM, 11/24/09
Great way to keep the nephew from watching tv on a wet irish day!! easy to make, and fun for for all!!!! yum yum!!!!!!
Coconut bliss
posted by eleanor @ 01:49PM, 3/21/10
Add in a spoon of coconut flakes when buns r cooled cut off top a use raseberry jam n cream put top n and a dolop of choclate n top sooooooo yummmy
posted by Leanne+Ryan @ 04:53PM, 5/08/10
Very handy to make. and its in GRAMS! most recipes are in ounces, which i havent a clue to understand :L . well DONE!
posted by benjamin okolie @ 04:10AM, 8/28/10
I love this,well done
posted by Kay @ 10:04AM, 9/08/10
100g of flour is how many cups

Answer 1 cup sifted

Good ideas xx
posted by chloe @ 12:04PM, 9/25/10
Or put in a backing tin and make it a bit bigger great as just a big cake cover with jam on top or cut in half a fill it like a sand wich i have it like that most of the time grat for haveing people roound ect ect xxxx =D
posted by Claire O' Malley @ 10:12AM, 10/09/10
I love them I tried with chocolate and sprinkles
posted by ananisha @ 10:56AM, 1/30/11
I did it for my childs birthday dubbled the recipe for 30 fabb xxxx my child loved them
posted by Denise Healy @ 02:26PM, 3/13/11
These were so simple even I could bake them... they tasted fab, I just took out a little circle hollow in middle, added jam and cream and put the top back on... my children now think I am a master chef ;~)
Really easy!!
posted by Niamh @ 02:55PM, 7/17/11
Recently i baked brownies,cookies and chocolate chip muffins and i wanted a break from chocolate so i decided queen cakes i never realized they were this easy to bake!! Thanks :D
Try THIS...
posted by Home Cook @ 08:17AM, 7/23/11
Same recipe, add the zest and juice of 1 lemon - incredible!
posted by onchari @ 09:24AM, 9/19/11
Been looking for a simple recipe. Thanks.
posted by Carmel @ 10:45AM, 2/16/12
Very lazy today these were grand and handy
posted by brenda @ 12:52AM, 2/21/12
Thats my mums favourite recipe
posted by Siobhan @ 09:54PM, 3/31/12
Love them very easy I used American sugar and flour and they still came out great.
posted by rob @ 12:15PM, 5/22/12
Cooking these for my contribution to our jamboree, so easy and so nice to eat as most baking today is very sweet and stickyPat Suffolk
Help please
posted by olga @ 04:12AM, 10/09/12
These were lovely, but people in my house don't like sweet things. Is there a way i can produce the same great results but with a lot less sugar (like for old people)
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