Pheasant with Chestnuts

Many supermarkets now sell oven-ready fresh or frozen pheasant during the season, which runs from I October to
1 February (10 December in Scotland). You may also be able to buy fresh game from your butcher, in which case ask for the bird to be plucked and drawn. The tender flesh is deliciously contrasted with crunchy chestnuts in this richly flavoured dish.


serves 4
25 g (1 oz) butter
15 ml (1 tbsp) vegetable oil
2 oven-ready pheasants, jointed
2 medium onions, skinned and sliced
225 g (8 oz) peeled chestnuts
45 ml (3 tbsp) plain wholemeal flour
450 ml (3/4 pint) chicken stock
150 ml (1/4 pint) dry red wine
salt and pepper
grated rind and juice of 1/2 orange
10 ml (2 tsp) redcurrant jelly
bouquet garni
chopped fresh parsley, to garnish


1. Heat the butter and oil in a large frying pan and fry the pheasant joints for about 5 minutes, until browned. Remove from the pan and put into an ovenproof casserole.

2. Fry the onions and chestnuts in the remaining oil and butter for a few minutes until brown, then add to the pheasant.

3. Stir the flour into the fat in the pan and cook, stirring, for 2-3 minutes. Remove from the heat and gradually stir in the stock and wine. Bring to the boil, stirring continuously, until thickened and smooth. Season to taste and pour over the pheasant in the casserole. Add the orange rind and juice, redcurrant jelly and bouquet garni.

4. Cover the casserole and bake at 180°C (350°F) mark 4 for about 1 hour or until the pheasant is tender. Remove the bouquet garni before serving, garnished with parsley. Accompany with jacket potatoes.

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Great with polenta. Sauce freezes well
posted by Averil @ 04:43PM, 11/28/07
Great with polenta. Sauce freezes well, so cook more meat than required and keep some for later.
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