Baked Stuffed Marrow


serves 4 - 6
1 medium-sized marrow
fat for greasing
1 small onion
200 g (7 oz) minced beef
100 g pork sausage meat or 100 g extra minced beef
1/2 cup (30 g) soft white breadcrumbs
1 tbsp chopped parsley
1 tbsp chopped chives
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
salt and pepper
1 egg
250 ml cheese sauce


1. Halve the marrow lengthways and scoop out the seeds.

2. Lay each half side by side, in a well greased, large, shallow casserole.

3. Skin and chop the onion finely or grate it. Put into a basin with the beef, sausage-meat, if used, breadcrumbs, parsley, chives, Worcestershire sauce, and seasoning. Mix well.

4. Beat the egg until liquid and use it to bind the mixture.

5. Divide the stuffing between each marrow half. Cover the dish and bake in a moderate oven, 180°C, Gas 4, for 1 hour.

6. Strain off most of the liquid in the casserole.

7. Pour the cheese sauce over the marrow and bake for a further 20 minutes, uncovered, or until the sauce is golden-brown.

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posted by gary @ 10:21AM, 7/07/07
Needed to know how to bake a marrow and for how long, so now am a little bit wiser thank you.
Had a marrow to use up.
posted by natalie savage @ 11:09AM, 7/27/07
I have never tried marrow before, so i thought i would give it a go. The stuffed marrow was lovely and looked very fancy, ideal for dinner party. I just used beef mince not sausage meat.
posted by Becky @ 07:09AM, 8/04/07
I have a marrow here waiting for the chop... will try with lamb mince as I dont eat pork or beef mince.... will give it a go but will have a piece of fish on standby for my 7 year old! (fingers crossed)
A Tip
posted by Kate @ 08:11AM, 8/07/07
I would cover the marrows with tinfoil so the meat doesn't burn and the marrow dry out. That's what I did, because that is what was happening!
Excellent help!
posted by Chris @ 09:53AM, 8/25/07
I'm going to be trying this with a homegrown marrow
??? Marrow Skin
posted by Katie @ 09:57AM, 8/29/07
Silly question... but do you eat the skin of the marrow, or just scoop out the flesh and filling, when it comes to eating it?!

Answer: It is edible but it's a bit too rough and fiberous. just eat the filling
Cracking Idea
posted by Tris & Laura @ 03:44PM, 3/27/08
We've cooked this several times, it has now become a favourite :) very nice, but definately take the advise with the tin foil, but remove it for the last half hour or so
posted by Tony @ 08:48AM, 7/08/08
Peal and Scoop out the marrow, dont cut it in half, get some Lincolnshire sausages or Lincolnshire sausage meat...stuff the marrow.cover in tinfoil and bake in a tray with a cupfull of water...maybe place on a trivet. Bake for a couple of hours..make gravey with the juice from the marrow and serve with new potatoes and green beans....yummy
posted by Marcel @ 02:09PM, 8/17/08
This was the first time I had marrow, and I loved it. I added bacon bits to it as well and feshly grated cheese and some Parmesan sprinkled over the top. I then stuck it back in the oven for 20 minutes, and then grilled it under high heat for another 10 minutes.

Loved it, wife loved it, kids loved it, the dogs didn't know whether they loved it or not because there wasn't any left over!!! 11/10
posted by Prunella @ 11:17AM, 8/27/08
My aunt thinks that marrows are in fact adult courgettes. My neighbour agrees but I think they are too green. Shall I have marrow for tea? Or chips?
posted by ammie @ 06:29AM, 9/01/08
We often eat this its a nice delicasie in our family, but tonight is my first time making it by myself and i am worried im gona do it wrong, my nan often fills it with mince, gravy,veg and onion. its tastes amazing, so i guess the only way for me to learn is to attempt
Aussy tip
posted by helaine @ 09:41AM, 9/02/08
I am from OZ on hols and was given a marrow at a party. I wanted to stuff it but as I had not cooked it before was not too sure how long too. My family here was none the wiser. As the marrow is large I have used half on other recipes I have tried with success but I am keen to stuff it. So will try stuffing it so all the juices from the marrow can go into the stuffing then cut in half cover with home made white sauce top, with cheese and chuck it under the grill. She'll be right mate!!!
Another filling for you
posted by Marion Funnell @ 12:03PM, 9/02/08
Try it with finely chopped onion and bacon (or mince it) a can of tomataoes chopped and some rice. Fry the onion, bacon, and rice gently. Add the tomatoes and mix well. We add a mix of tomatoe sauce and sweet chilli sauce in equal parts. Follow as for the above recipe. (The rice will absorb the liquid, so no need to cook prior to stuffing).
Baked Stuffed Marrow
posted by L. Welch @ 12:20PM, 9/07/08
Super and so easy - add a dash of balsamic vinegar.
Also add tomato sauce to the topping to make a different combination - rather than adding the cheese sauce. To make the tomato sauce - use a blender, add frech tomatoes, basil and a touch of olive oil.
Use cheese instead of cheese sauce
posted by Kay Hill @ 06:22AM, 9/22/08
I found the cheese sauce went really runny and I lost half of it in the pan. When I make it again I'll just put some grated cheddar on the top. I used all sausage meat instead of mince and the filling was yummy
Cheaper ratatouille with marrow
posted by H Jerram @ 11:07AM, 9/22/08
Use peeled, deseeded marrow chopped up instead of expensive courgettes in a standard ratatouille recipe. Just as yummy hot or cold.
Nothing like I thought
posted by The 5 p's @ 01:12PM, 10/17/08
Wasnt sure what to expect,but was pleasently suprised it was nothing like i was told,Used sausage meat instead of mince,the filling was yummy,Even 3 urgrud children enjoyed it,will be having it again
Minced Lamb
posted by Mike @ 01:04PM, 10/21/08
This works well too, use rosemary, garlic and some mint to help season. John Whittle Robinson

More informationA lamb based sausage meat and experiment this is a great dish. I agree use foil to cover till you add the sauce topping which needs to be thick not runny.
Take away that slight bitter taste
posted by R Hancock @ 07:27AM, 7/21/09
Before stuffing the Marrow halves - Coat them in salt for about 20 - 30 mins to draw off the bitterness - Then rinse off and stuff.
This is not my own idea so I don't claim credit for it
posted by Laura Winfrey @ 12:00PM, 7/23/09
This is a great recipe. Mine burnt the first time but the second time it was devine. The marrow made me drawl.!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stuffed Marrow
posted by Mossie @ 01:02PM, 8/03/09
I steam my marrow first after cutting it lengthways and taking out the pith. Fill it with mince add a tomato and marscaponi sauce, or a jar of pasta bake tomoato and herbs, chopped shallots. Cook for 30 to 40 mins. Top with cheese at end of cooking and grill. Delicious Bon appetite!
posted by John Tranter @ 03:14PM, 8/04/09
First 'real' meal I've cooked! Very Very Very nice. Used just minced beef and no Chives. Instead of putting cheese sauce on it I put grated Cheddar on it and put back in the oven for 15 minutes! Highly recommended. I will use more worcester sauce next time and light fry the onions before stuffing. Overall a delicious meal. Eat the skin aswell! Scrummy!
Marrows are large courgettes
posted by Claireusha @ 11:53AM, 8/11/09
I didnt realise but its true, we were growing our own courgettes and without us noticing one grew huge. Our neighbours informed us it was actually now a marrow.
Shame its actually too big for this recipe now, lol!
Baked Stuffed Courgettes / Marrow
posted by Jennet Smith 16/8/09 @ 09:44AM, 8/16/09
Our friends invited us for a meal last Friday told it was marrow i started to think yuck i hate it but not wanting to be rude thought give it a try as she's an excellent cook
well i just could not believe how much i enjoyed it i had to do an OLIVER and ask for more we had some home grown runner beans & carrots as well FANTASTIC my mouth is watering as i type will now try this myself and other recipes 100 out of a 100
???????????? Marrow Skin
posted by Grant @ 06:00AM, 8/21/09
Following on from the answer given to Katie's question my wife and I experimented by eating a piece each of Marrow with skin on. It must be very fibrous because we both had the most horrendous flatulance for the rest of the evening. My advice is avoid the skin.
Good food
posted by Chris Cornwell @ 10:09AM, 8/27/09
My marrow was large so I doubled the ingredients for the stuffing and baked for 90 minutes. I used a mixture of grated cheddar and mozzarella and baked it uncovered for 15 minutes. It worked well with everyone eating it.
Empty plates
posted by Susanna Roughton @ 04:48PM, 9/02/09
Mmmm - followed recipe - very simple - just used egg whites for the binder (as I had some left over from a flan the day before) and no sausage meet as I had more mince than I needed.

Covered it in foil as suggested here for the first 45 minutes and then sprinkled cheddar cheese on top and baked for another 20 minutes.

Darling husband ate it all up..... and that's an ENDORSEMENT!!!!

Great recipe. Very simple - gives me confidence to digress a bit.

Veggie option
posted by Karen Harkin @ 01:41PM, 9/20/09
Just tried recipie, but with white bean mash, yellow split peas, fresh tomaotes, pepers, garlic, basil, olive oil black pepper and salt. Really gorgeous. Next time will try lentils, or tuna.
Plain & simply roasted...
posted by jackie @ 10:48PM, 1/04/10
I just roast with a joint of meat chicken/pork/beef for an hour 200+, delicious topped with gravy and all the other trimmings mmmmmm
My family just loved this.
posted by Pam/New Zealand @ 09:25PM, 1/17/10
I used this receipe for my family last week and they requested it again this week. The only thing I added was a 1/2 teaspoon of chilli to it. It is a delicious dish. Thanks
A lovely simple meal with a great taste
posted by Simon Howells @ 01:34PM, 7/19/10
I followed a few tips like cooking it in tin foil and adding a bit of chilli also grated cheese, what a lovely meal with loads of compliments fro m the family who had never had marrow before.
A healthy meal with feel good factor
posted by catherine brownrigg @ 09:26AM, 8/04/10
Followed recipe to tee but had no sausage meat,using chilli sounds good will try that next time.Lovely!
First timers
posted by Chris Saunders @ 10:29AM, 8/17/10
Picked a fresh marrow from my garden. Found the recipe (thanks). Read all these reviews (thanks again). Tonight im going to try it for the first time-can't wait!
A tip
posted by Mike Smith @ 04:38AM, 8/19/10
My wife makes this alot its great but she always peels the skin off then stuffs it buy cutting it down the middle and then wraps it in tin foil to stop it drying out and the juices from the marrow mix with the filling its a lovely dish
Marrow tips
posted by David Green @ 04:13AM, 8/29/10
Use an ice cream scoop for taking out pith then sprinkle salt over the inner part and leave for as long as possible (1-2 hours) then rince before cooking. This will remove the slightly bitter flavour. If the marrow is very fresh; there is no need to peel.
posted by Sarah @ 02:31AM, 1/05/11
Made this last night and followed the very helpful comments as above with the tin foil, served it saute potatoes and every last bit of it eaten in seconds - absolutely delicious and a lovely way to make a relatively boring veg into something sensational - thank you!
First time for a long time...but all turned out well...thank you...
posted by Terri Amos-May @ 1.00pm 12/1/2011 @ 07:52AM, 1/12/11
Needed a short refresher course..which I got...liked the "veg" option to try for another time...really delicious ,made it the old way...straight forward & simple
posted by Lil-P @ 04:50PM, 1/12/11
Took lots of advice from the comments made here and enjoyed a lovely meal. Instead of cooking in tin foil try greaseproof paper - it works.
Just been given a marrow
posted by lmdc @ 10:52AM, 1/23/11
Am definately going to give this a whirl tomorrow will post to let you know how it goes folks
Boil before you bake ^-^
posted by Malta ^-^ @ 10:10AM, 6/20/11
Before you scoop out the flesh, bring the water to a boil and put the marrows for about 5 - 7 minutes until slightly tender. The marrows will bake better and you can scoop the flesh easier.
With chicken mince
posted by Victoria @ 01:17PM, 8/23/11
We only had chicken in the freezer, so me and my 4 year old used chicken instead. he loved scooping out the marrow and all the chopping and it tastes gorgeous too - he even said said "yummm" without turning his nose up!! result.
Stuffed marrow
posted by janet mountjoy @ 10:58AM, 8/30/11
I was given a haggis from a friend been on holiday to scotland.stuffed a marrow with haggis better than any mince.
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