Stew recipes

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Brunswick stew 

Brunswick stew

Caucasian Chicken Stew 

Whole chicken--quartered, then coated with a salty paprika and pepper marinade, saute'd and fried with onions, celeriac and carrots before being casseroled with rice, bay leaf, fennel, pumpkin and cucumber. Gherkin and soured cream are added before serving to finish this wholesome, varied and tasty family meal.

Chicken and Rice Stew 

A healthy chicken, rice and herb stew including leek, shallots, peas, carrots, tarragon, parsley, celery leaves, thyme and cayenne pepper.

Chicken and Turnip Stew 

Whole chicken pieces with a vegetable stew of peppercorns, carrot, celeriac, leek, onion, turnips, shallots, parsley and seasoning all served with rye bread.

Chicken and Vegetable Stew 

A simple stew recipe with whole chicken pieces, onions, carrot, leeks, tomatoes and mushrooms, sweetened with apple juice and flavored further with paprika, pepper and chives.

Chicken Stew with Leeks and Carrots 

Boiled chicken with a plethora of vegetables; leeks, carrots, celery, garlic, onion, thyme, bay leaf, peppercorns, turnips and courgettes. A nice and simple stew recipe.

Chicken, Potato and Butter Bean Stew 

A recipe of chicken, fresh vegetables, beans and herbs topped with sweet and English potatoes, milk and cinnamon.
Chicken, Potato and Butter Bean Stew

Chicken, Tomato and Mushroom Stew (Fricassee De Po... 

Chicken, Tomato and Mushroom Stew (Fricassee De Poulet)

Duck, Bean and Vegetable Stew 

Duck, Bean and Vegetable Stew

Eel Stew (Estofado De Anguila) 

Eel Stew (Estofado De Anguila)

Exeter Stew (English) 

A delicious recipe for Exeter Stew, with ingredients, method and serving amount, as well as a food glossary and cooking guides

Fisherman's Stew 

Fisherman's Stew
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