Fruit recipes

A large collection of tasty apple recipes including Caramel topped apples, Apple Meringue and Apple Crumble.
  Apricot Crepes  
A selection of delicious apricot recipes like Apricot Flan and Apricot Pie.
  Avocado Fish  
A sizeable collection of delicious and creative avocado dishes like Avocado and Prawn Salad and Avocado Cream Dessert.
A great collection of banana recipes including favorites such as Sticky Banoffee Pies and Banana Split.
  Bilberry Cream  
Recipes for this much-overlooked fruit including Bilberry Cream and Bilberry and Apple Pie.
Blackberry Fool, Blackberry cheese shortcake and a selection of other scrumption recipes using blackberries.
A variety of succulent cherry dishes and desserts, including Cherry Layer Pudding and Cherry Cake.
A number of fig dishes and desserts like Fig Dessert and Figs With Lemon Flavoured Cream.
Simple and delicious recipes including exotic desserts such as Syrian Fruit Salad and Melon Cup.
A variety of Gooseberry dishes and summer desserts like Gooseberry Fool, Gooseberry Pudding and Gooseberry Pie.
  Kiwi Trifle  
A superb collection of kiwi fruit recipes including Kiwi Trifle, Apricot and Kiwi Fruit Cups, and Strawberry Kiwi Swirl.
Delicious lemon classics; Lemon Cheesecake, Lemon Layer Pudding, Lemon Biscuits and many more recipes.
A large collection of Mango recipes; Caramelised mango, Griddled mango, Mango, Lime and Coconut milk Pudding, Mango Hedgehog.
A variety of olive recipes like Citrus Spiced Olives as well as recipes using olives; Duck with Olives, Whiting Stuffed with Olives etc.
Delicious desserts and exotic dishes like Mandarin Tartlets and St Clements Slice.
Collection of peach recipes incl. Peach Surprise, Fresh Peach Dairy Ice Cream, Spiced Peaches and more.
A variety of plum puddings, desserts and tarts like Honey Plum Cobbler and Nutty Plum Crumble.
Various extravagant desserts and prune dishes including the delicious Prune, Apricot and Nut Torte.
  Strawberry Cake  
Strawberry souffle, Baked Strawberry Cheesecake, Strawberry Flan and many more dishes and desserts.
A handful of greengage recipes including Greengage Shortcake and Greengage Coconut Sponge.
A small handful of favorite dishes using the Pawpaw fruit.
A small collection of pomegranate puddings including Pomegranate Sherbert.
A handful of satsuma recipes including Satsuma Fool and Satsuma Surprise.
Tasty sharon fruit dishes like Baked Sharon Fruit with Amaretti.
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